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Tailor-made program

Global and personalized management of corporate health through yoga therapy

The different steps

Program format

  • The tools of yoga therapy

  • Locations: digital (by videoconference) and face-to-face (on the company's site)

  • Language: French and English

  • Populations: structures and operational (employees, executives, managers, leader...).

Personalized follow-up

  • With single interlocutor (pair)

  • Adaptation of the program over the medium and long term to build a sustainable and lively health offer

  • Users: depending on ESC and ECP

  • Rh and CSE: depending on the health questionnaires and the news and the needs of the company

Adaptation of sessions

Assessment of feelings

Carried out at the beginning and at the end of the session, they make it possible to identify the evolution of the physical and emotional state of the person:

  • ESC: evaluation of bodily sensations

  • ECP: assessment of positive cognitions (thoughts)

Setting up the program

  • Weekly sessions (or according to program)

  • With different populations / different needs

  • Specific "health" workshops (prevention of MSDs and RPS)

  • Identification of the need by a certified coach

  • Development of a personalized program

  • Drafting of the health questionnaire for users

The diagnosis

cible bleu freepik.png

Overall health, capital objective

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