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Rh O Yoga

Tailor-made health through yoga therapy at the service of your business

A 5 in 1 offer

Physical activity

Relationship improvement


Emotional management

Hygiene of rhythms & life

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Rh O Yoga accompanies you 

a tailor-made health offer

a 5 in 1 method

scientifically recognized

a special relationship

an optimized budget

disability integration

Health, a challenge for the company

WHO definition of health:

“  State of complete physical, mental and social well-being, which does not consist only in the absence of disease or infirmity, it is associated with the notion of well-being

The well-being of your employees is

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fewer illnesses

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fewer absences

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more motivation

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more productivity

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more creativity

Source: study conducted by Harvard & MIT, 2018

Open space

Improving mental & physical health with Rh O Yoga allows you to:

  • Cost optimization 

  • Reducing HR administrative tasks

  • Improving the employer brand 

  • Talent retention 

  • Improving communication

  • Team cohesion 

  • Better personnel management 

The added value of Rh O yoga

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Optimized budget. A 5 in 1 offer allows the company to reduce the cost of the speakers: a single person providing the services covering the areas of intervention of 5 consultants (emotional management, physical activity, improvement of the relationship, nutrition, hygiene of the rhythms of life)

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Adaptation to the needs and constraints of the company. A single interlocutor (pair) ensures the personalized follow-up of your needs, ranging from the diagnosis to the implementation of the program, through the adjustment according to the feelings of the different populations and the news of the company.

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relational quality. The in-depth knowledge of the needs and the quality of the relationship establish a strong bond of trust and promote the therapeutic alliance. Studies show that:

The benefit of a practice is increased by 40% if there is a therapeutic alliance between the users and the practitioner

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Advanced and scientifically recognized techniques. Certified coaches. Discipline that is part of prescription sport.

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Our offers

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An original way to discover yoga therapy and promote team cohesion in a team building format.


Tailor-made program with comprehensive and personalized corporate health care through yoga therapy


Yoga Cap'

Inclusion of disability in business

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Yoga'n Work

Experimenting and passing on the well-being and health at work toolbox 

They are talking...

Thierry R.

“  Throughout the session, Eloise was attentive and attentive. The sequence of postures follows a guideline, and each posture is explained, particularly in relation to the effects it has on the body. All this gives meaning to his sessions. We leave richer, in better shape and more peaceful .

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